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Magnetic Marketing was born out of necessity. Nowhere could you find marketing strategies that worked for inbound leads and sales. Everyone was still stuck in the traditional advertising systems with below-average results.

It wasn’t until we disrupted the industry with direct response marketing that we started seeing amazing results. Not just for ourselves, but for our clients and students as well. Ever since then we’ve been able to impact millions of lives.

Fast forward to 2021, and we started feeling like it was time for someone else to come in and continue building the Magnetic Marketing™ legacy.

After decades of commitment and daily dedication to our community of amazing entrepreneurs, we were very selective with who we were going to allow continuing the mission of our brand.

It didn’t take long in our communications with Clickfunnels and the co-founders Russell Brunson & Todd Dickerson before we knew this was a perfect fit.

The date was September 15th when we agreed on the terms and Magnetic Marketing was acquired by Clickfunnels. We couldn’t be more excited for everything that’s in store for this amazing community.




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